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The pharmacy account holder can provide a code so you can connect your registration to that pharmacy. If you are unsure please call us for assistance.

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Only GPhC approved pharmacists can register as a pharmacist on PharmaDoctor+.
A registered pharmacist can order PGDs to provide consultation services to patients.

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Main terms and conditions at a glance

  • You are responsible for ensuring the proper use of our PGDs
  • You are responsible for obtaining the authorisation from the Superintendant pharmacist of each pharmacy in which you use PGDs
  • We will keep you up to date with any changes to the PGDs and ensure our training is comprehensive and fully up to date
  • PGDs can only be used in GPhC registered pharmacies with the exception of the vaccine PGDs which may be performed off site if an appropriate premises assessment is successfully completed
  • Failure to comply with any of your warranties or obligations will automatically invalidate your PGDs
  • If you opt for the “Pay-per-consult” PGDs (ePGDs), failure to record the transactions on our online register will automatically invalidate your PGDs