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Become a registered NaTHNaC yellow fever centre with PharmaDoctor

Many pharmacies running a travel clinic with PharmaDoctor PGDs are also yellow fever vaccination centres. Read below to discover the benefits of offering this service and the simple steps required to help you get registered with NaTHNaC.

Why offer yellow fever vaccines?

Becoming an official NaTHNaC yellow fever vaccination centre enables travel clinics to offer a unique selling point to their patients. People travelling to destinations such as Sub-Saharan Africa and South America often need a certificate to prove that they have had a yellow fever vaccination to obtain a VISA and be able to enter the country. Only designated yellow fever vaccination centres can offer these certificates. From a traveller's point of view, patients who visit destinations that require them to get the yellow fever vaccine need a whole host of other vaccines and anti-malarials. Once a clinic or pharmacy becomes a fellow fever vaccination centre it is listed in the official NaTHNaC online database which ranks highly on Google, so clinics and pharmacies can expect online referrals via their website.

How PharmaDoctor can help you become an authorised yellow fever centre

To become a registered yellow fever clinic you need to apply directly to NaTHNaC (National Travel Health Network and Centre). NaTHNaC requires a Doctor to support your application and this is where we can help. Our PGD package includes the Yellow Fever PGD and associated training, and we can also offer the support from our Doctor that NaTHNaC require to complete the application.

If you are running a PharmaDoctor PGD travel clinic and would now like to register with NaTHNaC please call 0203 176 0022 and follow our step by step guide to help you complete the process:

Step 1: The PharmaDoctor Yellow Fever PGD

Only pharmacists trained in travel health and practising under a PharmaDoctor PGD travel clinic are eligible for the yellow fever PGD.

Step 2: Complete the online training and assessment

You have to read through the training resources, available in your account. When you feel you know the material sufficiently, click on the ‘Take online assessment’ button and you will need to achieve a minimum of 70% to pass the 20 question test.

Step 3: Obtain the signed Code of Practice form

Once you have passed the assessment please call the office on: 0203 176 0022. We will then send you a copy of the YFCV Code of Practice signed by our doctor. NaTHNaC stipulate that to become a licensed yellow fever centre and clinician they need to see a YFCV Code of Practice signed by a doctor in support of the candidate’s application. So long as you have been trained in travel health by PharmaDoctor and have completed the online yellow fever assessment our doctor is happy to sign the required document.

Step 4: Download and send off the application form to NaTHNaC for approval

Once you have received the signed Code of Practice letter you need to download, complete and send off your application form to NaTHNaC, available here. NaTHNaC state that they require 2-3 weeks to process an application.

Step 5: Attend a NaTHNaC training course

Once NaTHNaC have approved your application you will need to attend one of their training days. You can finOnce NaTHNaC have approved your application you will need to attend one of their training days. You can find details of the available dates and the relevant booking forms here.

Step 6: Pay registration fee

Successful applicants will receive a unique yellow fever centre number along with a registration fee payment form via email. Once payment has been settled, NaTHNaC will issue a registration fee reference number.

Step 7: Order your stamp/vaccines

Patients who receive the yellow fever vaccine require an official stamped certificate as proof of vaccination. As a registered yellow fever centre you will need to order your official stamp from the stationery office and then contact suppliers to order the vaccines.

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