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    PharmaDoctor eTool Service

    PharmaDoctor eTool Service

PharmaDoctor has pioneered a number of pharmacy based clinical services over the years, including the in pharmacy flu programme and the pilgrim health programme to support Muslims travelling for Hajj and Umrah obtain a meningitis ACWY vaccination and a key focus over recent years has been the area of travel health.

This focus is in line with Valneva UK’s and to that end they have developed their Valneva in Partnership (VIP) Programme to support pharmacies in the setup and running of travel health services. PharmaDoctor work closely with Valneva to expand the number of pharmacy-based travel health clinics, combining our resources to ensure it is as smooth a process as possible and ensuring the service offered at the end of the setup is clinically robust and continually supported.

Valneva in Partnership

Aim of the partnership:

"We are thrilled to work with Valneva UK to help cement the position of pharmacies in the UK as a leading provider of travel health consultations. The positive effects of VIP (Valneva in Partnership) have already been felt across the pharmacy market and together with the support of PharmaDoctor we're sure it will continue to have a great impact."

Patrick Morgan, Business Development Manager for PharmaDoctor


Through the use of the PharmaDoctor Travel Health eTool and Integrated PGD Package, the comprehensive online disease awareness training (Neva), the additional clinical and marketing support (including the hugely successful Beware of the Bugs campaign - www.bewareofthebugs.com) we have already helped hundreds of pharmacists get started and make a success of the service.

Visit the Valneva - Valneva in Partnership (VIP) site https://vip.valnevauk.com/


PharmaDoctor eTool Service

PharmaDoctor eTool Service

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