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  • Set Up a Travel Clinic
  • ETool Travel Clinic
  • Travel PGDs
  • Yellow Fever

eTool© - Travel Clinic


  • Online consultations leading to automated recommendations upon conclusion.

  • Doctor's review and prescription issued (To be replaced by PGDs September 2017).

  • Built in medical questionnaires relevant to patient’s itinerary and chosen consultation type.

  • All patient and consultation records stored automatically in pharmacist’s account.

  • Recommended vaccines and/or anti-malarials calculated by eTool© .

  • Provides up to date travel health information and advice relevant to destinations, diseases and vaccines.

  • Online training in use of eTool© .

  • Links to external resources and extra information embedded in pharmacist accounts.

eTool© Travel Clinic - more information

PGD - Travel Clinic


  • PGDs for: Atovaquone/proguanil, Cholera (Oral), Dip/tet/polio, Doxycycline, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis A & B (Combined), Hepatitis A & typhoid (Combined), Hepatitis B (for travel and occupational health), Japanese encephalitis, Lariam, MMR, Meningitis (all preparations), Rabies, Tick-borne encephalitis, Typhoid (intramuscular and oral preparations), Yellow Fever

  • Online learning materials in disease awareness via Valneva.

  • Available to all those competent in vaccine administration.

  • Online marketing materials and advice.

  • PGDs with wide inclusion criteria to give pharmacist more autonomy.

  • Pharmacist determines recommended vaccines and anti-malarials, based on PGD and own knowledge.

  • Paper based system – all hard copies of consultation records to be stored at the pharmacy.

PGD Travel Clinic - more information

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