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Set Up a Travel Clinic Links

  • Set Up a Travel Clinic
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  • Travel PGDs
  • Yellow Fever

How much does it cost?

PharmaDoctor base price

The eTool© costs £250 for the first pharmacist and £199 for all subsequent pharmacists.

Savings with Numark
Further discounts are also available for Numark members.

For Numark membership prices please call: 01827 841 200

What are the setup requirements?

Health care professionals would have to complete the following steps before they would be eligible to use the eTool© :

eTool© Consultation Scenarios

  • To ensure their competency users are asked to complete dummy consultations on the eTool© , thus allowing them to familiarise themselves with the main features before conducting their first consultations.

Practical Training
  • Health care professionals need to ensure they are qualified and have the requisite vaccination skills to offer a travel health service. PharmaDoctor does not run vaccination skills training courses so it is the responsibility of the health care professional to source this. One company that specialises in such training is ECG Ltd.

Disease awareness training
NaTHNaC training to become a yellow fever vaccine clinic
  • Health care professionals must contact NaTHNaC and complete their relevant training courses to become a registered yellow fever vaccination clinic and subsequently upload their registration details to the eTool© before the system will advise on yellow fever vaccines.

Clinical oversight?

The eTool© comes with an accompanying set of Patient Group Directions (PGDs) which provide the authority to dispense medication and administer vaccines as and when appropriate and only once the patient has given their consent (by signing a form or entering their account password). The pharmacist has to record the details of the administered vaccines within their account. The eTool© sends both pharmacists and patients reminders of the next scheduled vaccine dose.

What are the restrictions of the service?

The eTool© can only be used by health care professionals with a valid registration number and the clinic has to be run out of premises registered with a recognised regulatory body (GPhC, PSNI, or CQC). As this is a digital service it is reliant upon health care professional having access to a computer and the internet. It has been designed to ensure it is compatible with as many devices and web browsers as possible. Any patient under 18 must have their account attached to a parent or guardian and that parent or guardian must be present to provide consent on behalf of the dependant.

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