In partnership with Biopanda, PharmaDoctor Test 'n Treat© Packages are designed to enhance and compliment your pharmacy’s PGD-based Clinical Services:

STEP 1 – Test the patient using one of Biopanda test kits to obtain an immediate and accurate diagnosis for the customer

STEP 2 – Dispense the appropriate pharmaceutical product under a PharmaDocotor PGD

Advantages of the PharmaDoctor Test 'n Treat© Packages:

  • check PGDs accurately aligned to test kit diagnosis to enhance clinical governance

  • check Pharmacist peace of mind and confidence that the products being dispensed are 100% appropriate for their customer

  • check PGDs and Test kits available to buy from a single supplier
Click tiles below for individually priced Test 'n Treat PGD Packages or CLICK HERE to buy all 3 Test 'n Treat Packages for a starting price of only £199 per pharmacist and SAVE £50


PharmaDoctor eTool Service

PharmaDoctor eTool Service

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PharmaDoctor Clinic

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