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News Story: How to authorise and use online PGDs


There remains some confusion surrounding the exact requirements for the authorisation of a Pharmacy PGD and how it can subsequently be used.

For any PharmaDoctor PGD the practising pharmacist must complete an online assessment based on the materials provided from within their account. This assessment is only available once payment for the PGD has been set up. For all PGDs for orally administered treatments, which require no physical face-to-face training, the PGD will be available to download and will display as authorised once the online assessment has been passed and cleared by PharmaDoctor.

To summarise the requirements:

  • Oral PGDs – Purely online training and assessment
  • Vaccination PGDs – Online and face-to-face training plus online assessment
  • We would really like to stress the importance of referring to the online PGD in preference to printing off a hard copy. Given the changing nature of the drugs which the PGD authorises pharmacists to supply to patients, PharmaDoctor may have to alter the documents regularly and so the up-to-date and authorised version of the PGD will always be the online document. If a pharmacist gets into the habit of printing off a hard copy and referring only to that document for consultations they may offer incorrect treatment advice and thus risk the safety of their patients.

    While the training documents and the authorised PGD itself are all available online, the consultation must be completed face-to-face in a designated room. Our PGDs do not authorise pharmacists to give online consultations, either in written form or via a Skype call.

    Article published on the 25-07-2013

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