A popular PGD for pharmacies wishing to offer a Seasonal Health Clinic service. PharmaDoctor offers 2 treatment options for confirmed* Streptococcus Group A throat infection via PGD:

*Rapid test kits required to confirm Strep A diagnosis are also available to buy via PharmaDoctor

Only: £39.00

  1. Penicillin VK (or any generic)
    • check Tablets 250 mg
  2. Phenoxymethyl Penicillin (or any suitable generic)
    • check 125mg/5ml Oral Solution Sugar Free

All our PGD service packages come with free access to our
9-5 Monday to Friday clinical support and medical information line.

Why this service

An increasing number of pharmacies are now offering a Seasonal Health Clinic to expand their range of clinical services offered to customers.

PharmaDoctor's Strep A PGD Package supports pharmacists to conduct consultations with customers who are concerned that they may have contracted a throat infection. Once Strep A diagnosis is confirmed (using a rapid test kit also available via PharmaDoctor), the Strep A PGD authorizes the pharmacist to dispense the appropriate antibiotic to treat the infection.

Note: The PharmaDoctor Strep A PGD is nearly always purchased by pharmacists as part of PharmaDoctor's Strep A Test ‘n Treat© and Seasonal Health Clinic PGD Packages

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard. Adverse events should also be reported to the relevant pharmaceutical company.


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