This PGD authorises the provision of Salbutamol 100mcg inhalers. This PGD allows the authorised healthcare professional to provide inhalers from the authorised pharmacy without the need for a private doctor's prescription, and is an ideal instant access solution for the five and a half million asthma sufferers in the UK.

Respiratory Information

About the PGD(s)

Treatments available: Salbutamol 100mcg inhalers

Price: £39.00

  • The Respiratory includes the following resources

    Contains one PGD for the supply of Salbutamol 100mcg (all formulations including generic and branded).

    Includes: Online resources, online assessment, Standard Operating Procedure and Risk Assessment Forms. Easy online PGD access and authorisation - no paper copy required

All our PGD service packages come with free access to our 9-5 Monday to Friday clinical support and medical information line.


Why this PGD

his PGD has a potential for high returns for community pharmacy, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals, and is easily marketable to all patients with inhaler prescriptions. PharmaDoctor recommend that users of this PGD have a thorough understanding of the BTS Guidelines and that pharmacists monitor the use of salbutamol inhalers to ensure patients are adequately controlled. The frequent purchase of salbutamol inhalers is an indication that the patient requires referral to primary care services.

PharmaDoctor can offer specialist respiratory training for pharmacists. Please contact the PharmaDoctor Medical Information line for details.

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at www.mhra.gov.uk/yellowcard. Adverse events should also be reported to the relevant pharmaceutical company.