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News Story: Many pharmacists are unaware of the range of treatments available via the Online Doctor module.

We are continually adding new treatments to our product range. If you would like us to offer a treatment which is not currently listed, please get in touch with us on 020 8762 0575 and we will add it if suitable.

List updated July 31st 2013


Aciclovir For recurring episodes of Herpes 
Airomir Asthma inhaler 
Amias treatment for hypertension 
Amlodipine treatment for hypertension 
Atenolol treatment for hypertension 
Avamys Allergy management treatment 
Bendroflumethiazide treatment for hypertension 
BiNovum combined oral contraceptive pill 
Bisoprolol treatment for hypertension 
Brevinor combined oral contraceptive pill 
Bricanyl Asthma inhaler 
Cerazette mini pill 
Champix Aid to quit smoking 
Cialis+Levitra+Viagra Oral ED treatments trial pack 
Cialis Treatment for erectile dysfunction 
Cialis Daily Treatment for erectile dysfunction 
Cilest combined oral contraceptive pill 
Ciprofloxacin antibiotic treatment for traveller's diarrhoea 
Circadin jet lag relief 
Crestor treatment for high cholesterol 
Dalacin Topical acne treatment 
Dianette Hormone-based acne treatment for women only 
Differin Topical acne treatment 
Doxycycline Antimalarial treatment 
Doxycycline Oral antibiotic to treat acne 
Doxycycline treatment for Chlamydia 
Doxycycline treatment for NGU 
Duac Topical acne treatment 
Dymista Allergy management treatment 
Enalapril treatment for hypertension 
Epiduo Topical acne treatment 
Evra contraceptive transdermal patch 
Felodipine treatment for hypertension 
Femodene combined oral contraceptive pill 
Femulen mini pill 
Fexofenadine allergy treatment 
Flixonase Allergy treatment 
Flixotide Asthma inhaler 
Gedarel combined oral contraceptive pill 
Glucophage Oral Diabetes Treatment 
Gonorrhoea treatment (Cefixime & Azithromycin) Combination treatment for Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia 
Intrinsa Libido loss treatment 
Lariam Antimalarial treatment 
Lercanidipine treatment for hypertension 
Lescol treatment for high cholesterol 
Levitra Treatment for erectile dysfunction 
Lipitor treatment for high cholesterol 
Lipostat treatment for high cholesterol 
Lisinopril treatment for hypertension 
Loestrin combined oral contraceptive pill 
Logynon combined oral contraceptive pill 
Losartan treatment for hypertension 
Malarone Antimalarial treatment 
Marvelon combined oral contraceptive pill 
Mercilon combined oral contraceptive pill 
Metformin Oral Diabetes Treatment 
Metronidazole treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis 
Metronidazole treatment for Trichomonas Vaginalis 
Microgynon combined oral contraceptive pill 
Micronor mini pill 
Minocin Oral acne treatment 
Nasonex Nasal spray 
Norethisterone Period Delay treatment 
Norgeston mini pill 
Noriday mini pill 
Norimin combined oral contraceptive pill 
Norinyl-1 combined oral contraceptive pill 
NuvaRing Contraceptive vaginal ring 
Opticrom allergy treatment 
Optilast allergy treatment 
Ovranette combined oral contraceptive pill 
Ovysmen combined oral contraceptive pill 
Oxytetracycline Oral acne treatment 
Perindopril treatment for hypertension 
Pfizer Sildenafil Treatment for erectile dysfunction 
Priligy treatment for premature ejaculation
Propecia Hairloss treatment 
Qlaira combined oral contraceptive pill 
Qvar asthma preventer 
Ramipril treatment for hypertension 
Rapitil allergy treatment 
Relenza Powdered medicine to inhale to treat flu
Rhinocort allergy treatment 
Rhinolast allergy treatment 
Rigevidon combined oral contraceptive pill 
Seretide asthma preventer 
Serevent asthma preventer 
Sildenafil Treatment for erectile dysfunction 
Skinoren Topical acne treatment 
Suprax treatment for Gonorrhea 
Symbicort asthma inhaler 
Tamiflu Antiviral for influenza, swine and bird flu. 
Telfast Hayfever management treatment 
Tetralysal Oral acne treatment 
Triadene combined oral contraceptive pill 
Trimethoprim treatment for Cystitis 
TriNovum combined oral contraceptive pill 
Valaciclovir For recurring episodes of Herpes 
Vaniqa Treatment for Unwanted Facial Hair 
Ventolin asthma reliever 
Vesicare Treatment for Urinary Incontinence 
Viagra Treatment for erectile dysfunction 
Xenical Weight-loss aid 
Xyzal allergy treatment 
Yasmin combined oral contraceptive pill 
Yaz combined oral contraceptive pill 
Zineryt Topical acne treatment 
Zithromax treatment for Chlamydia 
Zithromax treatment for Mycoplasma Genitalium 
Zithromax treatment for NSU 
Zocor treatment for high cholesterol 

Article published on the 31-07-2013

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