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PharmaDoctor strengthens medical team
PharmaDoctor is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Colin Davison to their .. More

New PharmaDoctor CEO appointed
PharmaDoctor announce that it has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer as par .. More

UK Travellers leaving unprotected
People in the UK make ~70 million trips abroad each year. Research has shown t .. More

PharmaDoctor setting best practice
NHS England plans for GPs to test patients before prescribing antibiotics - GPs .. More

NHS London Flu Extension
NHS London Flu Extension .. More

New PharmaDoctor NHS Flu RAF .. More

PharmaDoctor Pharmacy Show 2013
PharmaDoctor Pharmacy Show 2013 .. More

Should government promote pharmacy
C&D interview Earl Howe "Gov won't splash out on PR". Is that a good tactic? .. More

NHS Contract
The Pharmacy London Flu Team has just released a statement saying that they are .. More

OnlineDoctor Medicines List
Many pharmacists are unaware of the range of treatments available via the Online .. More

Advantages of online doctor
How to make the most of the online doctor .. More

Pharmacy PGD online assessments
How to authorise and use online PGDs .. More

Pharmacy PGD UK
How can I be sure of the legality of PGDs? .. More

Masta Independent Pharmacy Travelclinic
Is the new Masta travel clinic solution for independent pharmacies worthwhile? .. More

Travel clinic marketing guide
PharmaDoctor launches its FREE marketing guide for pharmacy travel clinics .. More

RPS London travel symposium
View Pharmadoctor's Travel clinic talk at The RPS, Wed 10th July. .. More

Future of online prescribing
If you had asked us ten years ago whether Lloyds, Boots and everyone else would .. More

Paediatric Travel Core Launch
PharmaDoctor has launched a paediatric version of its travel clinic PGDs. .. More

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