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Half of UK malaria cases in London

Problem: Best place for a malaria PGD is London, from a public health perspective...

Tip: Half of the UK’s imported malaria cases in 2012 were among London residents, according to Public Health England. Of the 1,378 cases reported in the country last year, 676 were confirmed in people living in the capital. Yvonne Doyle, regional director for PHE in London, said: “Malaria is a preventable disease, so it’s worrying that the majority of people (80 per cent) who contracted malaria reported not having taken antimalarials during travel to areas where the disease is endemic. Often people living in the UK who were born in a country affected by malaria may incorrectly believe that they are ‘immune’. “It’s therefore important to improve awareness of the disease, access to and uptake of malaria prophylaxis, particularly for black African ethnic groups where the burden of malaria is greatest.”

Article published on the 04-10-2013

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