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News Story: Recent communication from NaTHNaC regarding cases of yellow fever from patients returning from Brazil, having travelled without seeking travel health advice first, highlight the importance of access to suitable, reliable clinics.

Analysis: Healthcare professionals trained in travel health disease awareness via Valneva and who use the PharmaDoctor eTool can register with NaTHNaC to become registered yellow fever vaccination clinics and help prevent this situation arising in future.

Article published on the 05-12-2018

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PharmaDoctor has pushed the benefits to pharmacy of running a comprehensive travel health service and firmly believe that a network of pharmacy based clinics will change the way travel health is viewed by travellers and finally raise awareness of its importance to the required level. Around half of those who should seek travel health advice do not and this poor uptake can lead directly to an increase in cases of serious conditions such as yellow fever, as reported by NaTHNaC earlier this year: https://travelhealthpro.org.uk/news/304/yellow-fever-cases-in-travellers-update.

The low levels of people seeking advice can be explained by a number of factors, not least the historically small network of clinics offering a full vaccination service.
This has made travel health consultations relatively inaccessible and contributed to patients resorting to essentially completing their own risk assessment. They pull together information from a couple of websites and look to draw conclusions from what are sometimes conflicting messages and this might go some way to explaining why so many opt to travel unprotected.

One of the key advantages of the PharmaDoctor Travel Health eTool and Integrated PGD model is the fact that the travel health advice is pre-loaded within the system, allowing consistency in the information that is delivered across the PharmaDoctor network.

There is a consumer facing side to the eTool which encourages the patient to commit to a proper consultation straight away, rather than push them towards making their own minds up without the advice of a healthcare professional.
They simply fill in relevant details of the planned itinerary and medical history online at https://www.pharmadoctor.clinic/ and once done the patient is prompted to search for the nearest clinic in the network where they can book for a thorough consultation.

It leaves the traveller in no doubt as to their level of risk during their planned trip and supports the pharmacist to deliver a clinically robust message to back that up.

The ETool covers yellow fever as well so anybody using the system to deliver a travel health service can seek the support of the PharmaDoctor medical team to register with NaTHNaC as a yellow fever vaccination centre and as a result, help ensure the risk of travellers exposing themselves to the disease is minimised.

For more information on how to start your travel clinic visit the PharmaDoctor website:


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