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News Story: PharmaDoctor launches new look brand

Analysis: PharmaDoctor refreshes its brand and promises more value for pharmacies and patients.

Article published on the 10-04-2019

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For PharmaDoctor™ change is more than skin deep. A fresh new look for the brand marks a significant period of change as the company finds new ways of helping pharmacies and the communities they serve.

PharmaDoctor has pioneered the design and development of pharmacy-based clinical service packages for nearly two decades. The mission may be nothing new, but the influence of digital has transformed methods. In recent years the company has created a suite of online consultation platforms, known as eTools©, to simplify the delivery of clinical services across a range of therapeutic areas. This shift from traditional stand-alone PGD services to digitally supported eTool services (with integrated PGDs) has revealed incredible opportunities for PharmaDoctor, and its clients. The brand increasingly engages directly with patients online, guiding them to clinical services at a local pharmacy.

''We wanted our brand to better reflect the evolution of PharmaDoctor’s business model which is designed to deliver real-world value to pharmacists and patients” explains Graham Thoms, Chief Executive Officer of PharmaDoctor. ''We’re very excited to present the new brand publicly and we look forward to unveiling more tools and assets in the coming weeks and months''.

''Supported by a wide range of digital marketing capabilities, our new service model enables PharmaDoctor to engage with patients and private healthcare consumers online.'' adds Joaquim Pereira, the brand's digital director, ''We then connect those audiences to a nationwide network of pharmacies offering clinically robust services supported by PharmaDoctor’s eTools. We believe this model offers a glimpse of the future for all digital health and pharmacist-led healthcare services''.

The new look extends across every part of the business, from logo and corporate identify, to the feel and function of the brand's website. Two separate sites have been integrated into a single online experience catering to both pharmacists and patients at: www.pharmadoctor.co.uk

About PharmaDoctor

PharmaDoctor is a champion of local pharmacies and their importance to communities. Supporting more than 7,800 pharmacists nationwide, the brand is the UK’s leading provider of pharmacy-based clinical service packages. As pressure on the NHS increases, PharmaDoctor is helping pharmacies ease the burden by becoming an alternative destination for simple clinical services like travel vaccinations, women's and men's health consultations and skincare treatments.


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