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News Story: PharmaDoctor joins the fight against measles by releasing the Measles eTool Package, available for free to all pharmacists in the UK.

Analysis: PharmaDoctor is offering every pharmacy in the UK a new measles vaccination clinic package for free in the hope that pharmacists will join them in the fight against measles.

Article published on the 06-05-2019

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It is more than 20 years since the disgraced former doctor, Andrew Wakefield published his widely discredited research falsely linking the MMR vaccine to cases of autism. The paper was withdrawn nearly 10 years ago, however the anti-vaccine movement remains in place and continues to cast doubt on the importance of vaccination.

Although measles is a vaccine preventable disease, a recent Unicef report has placed the UK as having the 3rd highest rate of unvaccinated children out of the 10 highest-income countries. Alarmingly, more than 0.5 million UK children are currently at risk of contracting the potentially deadly measles virus because they have not been vaccinated.
Public Health England also reports that there were 966 confirmed cases of measles in England alone during 2018 (nearly 4 times the number in 2017); with most cases reported in people over the age of 15.

With low rates of vaccination being a key contributing factor, PharmaDoctor has decided to join the fight against this alarming trend. The company aims to arm its pharmacy partners with the means of educating and protecting the communities they serve against the spread of measles. Following two recent successful launches of free pharmacy service eTool Packages (for acne and flu), PharmaDoctor today announced plans to offer every UK pharmacy a free Measles eTool and Integrated PGD Package which will enable pharmacists to offer their communities the MMR vaccine privately.

PharmaDoctor Medical Director, Dr Colin Davidson, stated ''Measles can kill, so the rise in prevalence of this vaccine preventable disease is very worrying. PharmaDoctor hopes that our offer to pharmacies will support them to communicate the risks of measles to their customers and family members who may not have received the MMR vaccine, then encourage them to take up the vaccination.'' Dr Davidson goes on to say, ''our pharmacy partners, who have been delivering valuable vaccination services for over 15 years, are perfectly placed to help stop the further spread of measles.''

Commenting on the decision to make the Measles eTool Package available to pharmacists for free, CEO of PharmaDoctor, Graham Thoms, explained ''This goes beyond any commercial interests of the business. PharmaDoctor works closely with thousands of healthcare professionals and has always been a champion of vaccines, so it is important that the company does its bit to combat the rise in measles cases. Measles is vaccine preventable - we know it, our pharmacy partners know it, so it’s important that we help ensure the public knows it. If pharmacies answer the call to arms and help prevent more people suffering from measles unnecessarily, forgoing our usual service licence fee from our pharmacy partners will be a small price to pay.''

The PharmaDoctor Measles eTool guides pharmacists through each step of a fast, clinically robust consultation with patients, then determines their eligibility for the vaccine. The integrated MMR vaccine PGD then provides the medical/legal authority for the pharmacist to administer the vaccine, if appropriate. Speaking of how PharmaDoctor plans to support the service, Mr. Thoms added, ''Our digital marketing activities will help drive awareness of measles and the benefit of vaccination, then signpost those at risk into participating pharmacies offering the vaccination service. We hope that between PharmaDoctor’s online marketing activities and the invaluable face to face contact pharmacists have with their patients, we can help more people understand the need to get vaccinated.''

PharmaDoctor encourages all pharmacies and pharmacists to join the fight against measles by signing up for their free Measles eTool Package via the PharmaDoctor website: pharmacy.pharmadoctor.co.uk

About PharmaDoctor

PharmaDoctor is a champion of local pharmacies and their importance to communities. Supporting more than 7,800 pharmacists nationwide, the brand is the UK’s leading provider of pharmacy-based clinical service packages. As pressure on the NHS increases, PharmaDoctor is helping pharmacies ease the burden by becoming an alternative destination for simple clinical services like travel vaccinations, women's and men's health consultations and skincare treatments.


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