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News Story: PharmaDoctor to offer all pharmacists its free flu eTool package for the 2019/20 influenza season.

Analysis: To celebrate 10 years of PharmaDoctor, the company is taking it back to where it all began - the pharmacy flu jab service.

Article published on the 15-04-2019

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Extra Information

With multiple flu vaccine brands now recommended for different patient groups (e.g. the adjuvanted trivalent inactivated vaccine or the cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine for 65 years and over, or the egg cultured quadrivalent inactivated vaccine for <65s at-risk), the long-established pharmacy flu jab service has become increasingly complex over the past couple of years. Pharmacists now need to stock multiple flu vaccine brands, then decide which is the most appropriate to administer for each patient using their service.

The PharmaDoctor Flu eTool Package provides the ideal solution to these challenges – no confusion over vaccine selection, resulting in a 100% accurate recommendation every time. The Flu eTool supports pharmacists to carry out quick, easy and clinically robust flu jab service consultations for both NHS and private patients, then recommends the most appropriate flu vaccine brands for each patient. The PharmaDoctor PGD (integrated within the eTool) covering all vaccine brands provides pharmacists with the necessary medical-legal authorisation to administer the correct flu jab to each patient.

PharmaDoctor will also provide online marketing support as part of the Flu eTool Package; helping to signpost patients to PharmaDoctor partner pharmacies who offer the flu jab service.

To celebrate a decade of partnership with community pharmacy, PharmaDoctor is offering every pharmacist in the UK its Flu eTool Package for FREE. ''The PharmaDoctor team first pioneered the pharmacy flu jab service 16 years ago'' explains Graham Thoms, Chief Executive Officer of PharmaDoctor. ''Each year we support thousands of pharmacists who contribute to the 2.5 million jabs administered in pharmacies every flu season''.

With over 7,800 community pharmacists offering a wide range of clinical services via PharmaDoctor, Joaquim Pereira (Digital Director and founder of PharmaDoctor) goes on to add ''The pharmacists we support have been incredibly loyal to PharmaDoctor over the last 10 years. We want to give something back to them as a show of our appreciation and to celebrate our 10th year of supporting community pharmacy. Offering this new eTool package for free seemed like an ideal, appropriate gift''.

To claim their free Flu eTool Package, pharmacists simply need to visit the PharmaDoctor website and click LET’S GET STARTED: https://pharmacy.pharmadoctor.co.uk/pgd-flu_etool.php

About PharmaDoctor

PharmaDoctor is a champion of local pharmacies and their importance to communities. Supporting more than 7,800 pharmacists nationwide, the brand is the UK’s leading provider of pharmacy-based clinical service packages. As pressure on the NHS increases, PharmaDoctor is helping pharmacies ease the burden by becoming an alternative destination for simple clinical services like travel vaccinations, women's and men's health consultations and skincare treatments.


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