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News Story: PharmaDoctor and Pharmacy Mentor announce a strategic partnership to support pharmacies to maximise the impact of their clinical services.

Analysis: LONDON – PharmaDoctor (owned by Escripts Marketing Ltd), and Pharmacy Mentor, are delighted to announce a strategic partnership between the two companies to develop and offer pharmacies a range of customised digital and offline support packages, to help them to effectively promote their clinical services across their local community.

Article published on the 19-11-2018

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A key consideration before the launch of any new pharmacy clinical service is how to advertise and market the new service to the local community. As pioneers of a range of private pharmacy clinical services over the past 15+ years (including: online doctor services, the flu vaccination service, Pilgrim Health Programme and travel health services) the PharmaDoctor team has a wealth of experience in the area.

"However, the core business focus for PharmaDoctor is the development of the tools for pharmacists to be able to implement private clinical services (e.g. eTools©) and the medical/legal authority to deliver them (via PGD)" commented Joaquim Pereira, PharmaDoctor Digital Director. "Therefore, we have joined forces with the UK's leading authority in pharmacy service digital marketing (Pharmacy Mentor) to complete the end to end support package offered by PharmaDoctor and its partners".

Pharmacy Mentor already has a proven track record supporting PharmaDoctor clients, helping pharmacies establish a leading local online presence and driving customers to their clinical services. Pharmacy Mentor helps pharmacies to achieve this by creating a blended suite of customised digital marketing assets for each pharmacy, utilising a range of digital channels including Facebook, Twitter and Google, then implementing a mix of digital marketing techniques such as paid media and SEO optimisation.

Mr Pereira goes on to say: "The feedback from pharmacists working with Pharmacy Mentor is exceptional, with pharmacists reporting a significant upturn in customer awareness and engagement, a rise in consultations and measurable growth in revenue generated through their clinical services".

Pharmacy Mentor CEO, Saam Ali, has tasked his team with the development of a further suite of 'off the shelf' marketing support packages specifically designed to help pharmacists' promote their chosen clinical services via PharmaDoctor; whether it be a Vaccination Clinic, a Women's Health Clinic, a Skincare Clinic or one of the many others.

Commenting on the new PharmaDoctor–Pharmacy Mentor partnership, Mr Ali says: "The team at Pharmacy Mentor are delighted to be working with PharmaDoctor to deliver better marketing strategies for their clients but ultimately to improve access to vital clinical services across the UK". Initially focussing on pharmacist's Travel Health services, he continues by saying: "the Pharmacy Mentor marketing support package range will expand over the coming months to ensure there is a ready-made marketing solution to complement each and every service which pharmacists choose to offer via PharmaDoctor".

For more information on the joint PharmaDoctor-Pharmacy Mentor propositions, please visit the respective PharmaDoctor and Pharmacy Mentor websites:



About PharmaDoctor

PharmaDoctor is owned by eScripts Marketing Limited, an Independent Medical Agency, registered with the Care Quality Commission and the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority. PharmaDoctor was originally set up in 2009 to provide an online doctor service for pharmacies. To this, the company added a new generation of services for pharmacy to become the leading provider of clinically supported private Patient Group Directions (PGDs). In 2015, PharmaDoctor introduced the first fully integrated Clinical Service Packages for pharmacies, including innovative digital consultation platforms with integrated PGDs (eTool©), Test 'n Treat PGD packages, pharmacist training, and marketing support assets to help drive footfall to pharmacy services.

About Pharmacy Mentor

Pharmacy Mentor supports local community pharmacy businesses (stand-alone and small chains) to connect with the people of businesses around them, improve the visibility of their services online and drive pharmacy footfall. The also help market innovative digital pharmacy products, helping start-ups and established companies in the pharmacy sector grow their business with a bespoke digital strategy


For all enquiries relating to this press release, please contact:

Graham Thoms, Chief Executive Officer, PharmaDoctor
Email: graham@pharmadoctor.co.uk; Direct: 07494 469433 / 0203 176 0022 (option 1)

Saam Ali, Chief Executive Officer, Pharmacy Mentor
Email: saam@pharmacymentor.com Direct: 07916 334716

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