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News Story: PharmaDoctor teams up with Pharmacy in Practice to support community pharmacy services growth.

Analysis: Pharmadoctor and Pharmacy in Practice have signed a partnership agreement with the aim of supporting community pharmacy to develop profitable customer-centric clinical services such as Travel Health Clinics, Vaccination Clinics and Weight Loss Clinics.

Article published on the 05-12-2018

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Extra Information

PharmaDoctor has long held the view that the role of pharmacy and pharmacists in the UK is key to helping reshape future healthcare services so that they are both convenient and accessible for patients and consumers. The company strongly believes that creating a wider choice of clinically robust healthcare services and improving access to medicines through a diverse range of service providers can help revolutionise the way people manage their health.

Working in partnership with pharmacists, service providers, agencies and the pharmaceutical industry, the PharmaDoctor team aims to achieve this vision together to transform healthcare service provision through UK pharmacy. Pharmacy in Practice is a respected and trusted voice in the UK pharmacy sector and they will play a vital role in diffusing the PharmaDoctor message and objectives.

The patient facing pharmadoctor.clinic platform, at present geared towards travel health, is supported by a team of experienced healthcare professionals to ensure it remains up to date and clinically robust. The system allows travellers to complete a free online consultation, after which they can simply enter their postcode to find the nearest pharmacy where they can receive the required travel jabs and malaria tablets, at a competitive price, without the need for a doctor's prescription.

As part of the partnership Pharmacy in Practice will promote and sell PharmaDoctor products for the first time directly. Pharmacy in Practice will also develop continuing professional development opportunities to support the delivery of these clinical services by community pharmacists.

PharmaDoctor CEO, Graham Thoms, welcomed the partnership and commented:

"PharmaDoctor is delighted to be working in partnership with Pharmacy in Practice to support more pharmacies to deliver clinically robust, comprehensive travel health services with minimum fuss or investment to get started."

Director of Pharmacy in Practice, Johnathan Laird said:

"Pharmacy in Practice is very happy to support any product or service that encourages innovation in community pharmacy. In these difficult financial times for community pharmacists, I think PharmaDoctor are providing a viable solution to generate new revenue. With such a small proportion of travellers accessing travel health advice before foreign travel, there is undoubtedly a great opportunity here to support that patient group."

For more information on the joint PharmaDoctor-Pharmacy in Practice propositions, please visit the respective PharmaDoctor and Pharmacy in Practice websites:



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