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News Story: PharmaDoctor announces launch of The Acne eTool© Service Package, free to all pharmacists for 12 months.

Analysis: PharmaDoctor brings to market its first FREE clinical service package for Community Pharmacy.

Article published on the 19-03-2019

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Extra Information

PharmaDoctor announces the launch of a brand new clinical service package for acne, available to pharmacies and pharmacists free of charge.

LONDON – PharmaDoctor (owned by Escripts Marketing Ltd) is pleased to announce the launch of The Acne eTool© Service Package.

Specifically created for pharmacies and available to all PharmaDoctor registered clients free of charge, the clinical service package provides pharmacists with all they need to offer a convenient, private consultation service to patients who suffer from acne.

PharmaDoctor has pioneered the design and development of pharmacy based clinical service packages for nearly 20 years. The recent focus of the company has been on the creation of online consultation guidance platforms, known as eTools©, which serve to simplify the implementation and delivery of clinical services across multiple therapeutic areas.

The Acne eTool© Service Package consists of the Acne eTool©, which guides pharmacists through a step-by-step consultation for patients with persistent acne, then integrated within the platform is a patient group direction (PGD) which authorises the pharmacist to privately dispense clindamycin and tretinoin gel to patients where clinically appropriate.
PharmaDoctor is also running a free national multi-channel digital marketing campaign to help promote the pharmacy service to acne sufferers and drive footfall to all participating pharmacies via the eTool©.

Speaking of the new service package, available from today, Chief Executive Officer of PharmaDoctor, Graham Thoms, commented ''We are delighted to bring this new service opportunity to our clients, free of charge.''
Mr Thoms went on to explain that, while this offer was the first of its ilk, it will by no means be the last “PharmaDoctor has extensive plans to bring to market a number of free eTool© Service Packages this year, all of which will be designed specifically for pharmacy.''

In reference to the suitability and importance of consultation services to a pharmacy environment in the current climate Mr Thoms added ''Before putting together any of our service packages we always assess whether the potential service is appropriate for pharmacy. Given how common the condition acne is, and how many over the counter acne treatments pharmacies stock and sell, we are sure our clients are perfectly placed to deliver a comprehensive private consultation service which would benefit those who suffer from acne and require prescription only treatment.
We appreciate that pharmacies in the UK are experiencing a difficult time at present with the funding cuts but we feel sure that through the implementation of new private services such as this one, pharmacies can not only survive reduced funding but thrive and evolve to emerge as clinics that provide patients with easy access to an array of consultation options.''

For more information on The Acne eTool© Service Package please visit the PharmaDoctor website:


About PharmaDoctor

PharmaDoctor is a champion of local pharmacies and their importance to the community. The UK's leading provider of Clinical Service Packages to pharmacies, we support more than 7,800 pharmacists nationwide.

As pressure on the NHS increases, we’re turning local pharmacies into alternative healthcare providers for much needed clinical services like travel vaccinations, women’s and men’s health consultations and skincare treatments.

Using a suite of digital consultation platforms (with integrated PGDs and marketing support) called eTools©), our partner pharmacies are reaping the benefit of increased footfall and fresh sources of revenue. We’re helping put the local pharmacy back where it belongs.

For all enquiries relating to this press release, please contact:

PharmaDoctor Customer Services
Email: support@pharmadoctor.co.uk

Direct: 0203 176 0022 (option 1)

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