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News Story: PharmaDoctor and Biosure join forces to help the independent pharmacy market offer rapid HIV testing services to their patients.

Analysis: PharmaDoctor have entered into a partnership agreement with Biosure, which will see PharmaDoctor sell the Biosure HIV rapid test kit to its pharmacy client base, expanding the range of sexual health clinic services the company currently offers.

Article published on the 05-12-2018

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Extra Information

In recent years pharmacies in the UK have started to offer support to patients within the area of sexual health. As a leading provider of clinical services to pharmacists, PharmaDoctor has taken steps to help pharmacy clients move into this section of medicine, giving them the tools to set up sexual health clinics, thereby assisting pharmacies to strengthen their position as integral healthcare providers to the UK public.

Having launched a successful pilot of their CE marked HIV rapid test kits in Superdrug stores, manufacturer Biosure have teamed up with PharmaDoctor to help the independent pharmacy market offer the same service to their patients.

Jaime Perkins (UK Sales Director), speaking on behalf of Biosure in relation to the new partnership, explained: 'Advances in medication over the years have helped to tackle the global health challenge posed by HIV and those diagnosed with the virus can now live long and healthy lives on continued treatment but there is still a long way to go. Point-of-care (POC) rapid tests are a significant factor in the expansion of HIV testing, and have been recommended by the Health Protection Agency, British HIV Association, HIV Prevention England and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. We see pharmacy as playing a key role in accessing those who are not yet getting themselves tested and we are pleased to draw on the experience and reach of PharmaDoctor to build a network of reliable pharmacy clinics.'

Business Development Manager of PharmaDoctor, Patrick Morgan welcomed the partnership and commented;

"We are really pleased to enter into what we are sure will prove to be a rewarding partnership. We have been exploring new areas and services for our clients and through discussions with Biosure it became apparent that there was a perfect fit. There is no question in our minds that pharmacies are perfectly placed to raise awareness of the importance of HIV testing and will help increase the numbers of those who do take the test."

To order the test kits please go to: https://pharmacy.pharmadoctor.co.uk/pgd-hiv_test.php

If you would like more information on the kits go to: http://www.biosure.co.uk/tests/biosure-hiv-point-of-care-test-for-healthcare

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