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News Story: New PharmaDoctor NHS Flu RAF


We have been working with the London Flu team to amalgamate our private risk assessment form (iRAF) with the London NHS RAF. We have done this to improve pharmacist consultations with those patients who may be eligible for the NHS flu vaccination. In the past, when confronted with a potential flu patient, pharmacists would hand the patient an iRAF only to find out that the patient was eligible for the flu jab free of charge on the NHS. This led to the pharmacist having to fill in another form for the NHS. For the 2013 flu season campaign, PharmaDoctor, and only PharmaDoctor (true at the time of writing!), has addressed this problem by creating one RAF suitable for all patients, both NHS and private. This is particularly helpful for NHS commissioned influenza pharmacy clinics as it reduces paper work for both the patient and the clinician.

You can find this document within your account in the influenza PGD resource section along with our flu poster and other useful marketing materials, available on the PharmaDoctor site. Please remember the new and improved RAF can only be used in conjunction with the PharmaDoctor PGD, so if you are signed up with Sonar or PharmacyPGD it cannot be used.

Article published on the 02-10-2013

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