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Question: How to search or add a patient on the ETool


Searching for consultations/patients & adding patients : Video 1 of 3


Patients/Consultations - where you can look for a patient by using the simple search engine.  Patients who have registered and begun a consultation in their own account should be able to give you a 'unique consultation code' which will enable you to find their details right away. Please note that any letters in the consultation code are case sensitive.  You can also look for a patient using three identifying pieces of their personal information.

If a patient wants to complete a consultation with you in the pharmacy but has not already registered, you can add them yourself in this section.  You must first double check they are not on the system, entering their details into the search engine.  If they are not, you can then begin to register their personal information.

2. Beginning a consultation.
A patient can register an account at home and begin a consultation by visiting the patient part of the ETool.  If they have done this and come to you with a consultation code, go to your account, click on 'Start here', put in the code and click on search.  If the code is valid the patient's details will appear.
By hovering over the buttons you can see the planned itinerary, the reasons why the consultation may be declined and the potential recommended vaccines and anti-malarials.
However, a patient at the pharmacy can consult you directly, without prior registration so we will now see how that works.
You simply log into your account and click on: 'Start here' then under 'Search/Add Patient' check the patient is not already on the system by searching for them (you must enter at least 3 pieces of information).  If the search returns no results click on 'Add Patient'.
You will then need to fill in the patient's general details to create their patient account. Please note that a unique email address is needed.  If the patient does not have one you can invent an email address but just make sure they remember it, because it will serve as their username.
Having registered the patient's personal details, the next step is to select which type of consultation they want to complete from the list available. In some instances patients only wish to obtain anti-malarial tablets, or perhaps get the meningitis ACWY vaccine for the Hajj.
Having decided in this case on a full travel health consultation, you will then need to double check the personal details and then move on to uploading the patient's planned itinerary, providing the destination countries along with the dates of arrival and departure.  Take care to enter the correct information here, as this part of the consultation cannot be edited later on.
Having confirmed the itinerary you are then asked to provide information about the trip, such as planned activities, reason for travel and type of accommodation.
The following two pages constitute a medical questionnaire and it is particularly important that you confirm with the patient whether or not they have any medical conditions and if they take any medication.

Article published on the 13-10-2016

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Searching and adding patients on the ETool

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