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Question: Malaria ETool Consultation video guide 4


Non prescription options : Video 4 of 4


D. iv) Chloroquine and proguanil options available

As well as the prescription strength malaria prophylaxis options (mefloquine, atovaquone and proguanil combined and doxycycline) there are certain destination countries for which the recommended protection is non-prescription strength; the anti-malarials chloroquine, proguanil or sometimes a combination of the two.

In our previous examples, the patients have been travelling to countries where drug resistance to chloroquine rule it out as a viable malaria prophylaxis option.

In this scenario however, the patient is heading to Nicaragua, where there is no resistance to chloroquine, so this would appear as the first anti-malarial option.

The patient does not need to take chloroquine but if they choose to reject this option they need to provide a valid reason.
In this case the patient has suffered an allergic reaction to the drug in the past so the second option of proguanil appears and the patient is happy to select this anti-malarial. 

If the non-prescription strength anti-malarials are an option, they’ll always appear as the first and second choices.  If a patient specifically wants a prescription strength anti-malarial they will have to first decline the non-prescription strength options.

Article published on the 13-10-2016

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