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Question: Malaria ETool Consultation video guide 3


Selecting therapeutic categories of patient's medicines : Video 3 of 4


D. iii) Long term traveller with medical condition

A male patient, 45, is travelling to Chad, in Africa, where he will be doing volunteer work in schools and working on projects for charity organisations, in different areas of the country.
Having checked the general information and risk advice we can see from the map that malaria is present in all areas of the country. You should therefore advise the patient on precautions and malaria prophylaxis options accordingly. 
The total number of days in the malarious area, based on the patient’s travel dates, appears underneath the map (and in this case it's 366 days in total).
Before confirming which malaria prophylaxis the patient wants, the tool shows you any medication the patient has stated they are taking; in this case the patient is taking atenolol, for high blood pressure. 
You need to select this medicine from the list, identifying it by 'therapeutic category' (or in certain cases the specific medicine name will show)
Once you have identified the suitable therapeutic category, click on 'Add selection' and it then pops up in the box on the right, so in this example, 'Beta Blocker'.
You must read the statement at the bottom of the page, tick the box to confirm that it’s true and then click on 'Confirm to continue'; by doing so the tool will check for any interactions between the medicines the patient takes and the malaria prophylaxis options.
Having taken into account any and all contraindications the tool displays all possible prophylaxis options. 
Here we can see that, as the system will only supply a maximum of 6 months’ worth of atovaquone/proguanil, the only option left is doxycycline, with a total of 396 tablets required.

Article published on the 13-10-2016

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