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Question: Malaria ETool Consultation video guide 2


Identifying malaria risk areas : Video 2 of 4


 D. ii) Malaria risk present in some areas of country but not in the specific destination
In this example, a female patient, 35 years old, is travelling on business, flying directly to the capital city of Ethiopa, Addis Ababa, for two weeks. 

You confirm with the patient that they are not going anywhere other than the city centre and even then, will be primarily confined to meetings within the 5 star hotel where she is staying.

Once more, on the final page of the consultation the pharmacist needs to refer to the box titled: ‘Malaria risk may be present -….’

By referring to the malaria map you will see that, given the patient is only staying in the capital city of Ethiopa, there is no risk of exposure to malaria.

You still need to impress upon the patient the high risk of exposure to malaria in the neighbouring areas to ensure they are fully prepared should they think it’s possible they will end up taking a trip outside the city. 

In this case, however, the patient is absolutely sure they will only be staying in the capital city and so, when concluding the consultation, you can tick the box showing that the patient has declined malaria prophylaxis, as it is not required.

Article published on the 13-10-2016

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