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Question: Setting or adding your location when you login to the ETool?


Logging in to the ETool : Video 1 of 2

When you log into the ETool as a health care professional you have to select the location you are working at. If you can not find the location you can always add your location.


ETool Getting Started

Pharmacists registered and authorised to use the system can log into their account using their selected username and password.

When you've logged in you will first have to add your location, providing the address of the pharmacy.  Once saved, the location will be automatically selected each time that you access your account.

The home screen always shows your name and by clicking on Account status you will see services you are authorised to offer via the tool.  Hover over the text to see extra training requirements.

You will note that, at the top of the home screen there are buttons: one which takes you to tool resources, such as patient eligibility check lists, one button which takes you to your training modules, should you ever need or want or re-visit the tutorials and one button that takes you to your account details, where you can amend and update the information.

Article published on the 13-10-2016

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