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UK Travellers leaving unprotected
People in the UK make ~70 million trips abroad each year. Research has shown t .. More

Half Malaria Cases London
Best place for a malaria PGD is London, from a public health perspective... .. More

Masta Independent Pharmacy Travelclinic
Is the new Masta travel clinic solution for independent pharmacies worthwhile? .. More

Travel clinic marketing guide
PharmaDoctor launches its FREE marketing guide for pharmacy travel clinics .. More

consultation room
What do I need for a consultation room? .. More

Nurse assessment
Here are some tips to prepare for the nurse’s assessment .. More

Travel clinic duration
How long will it take me to set up a travel clinic? .. More

Paediatric Travel Core Launch
PharmaDoctor has launched a paediatric version of its travel clinic PGDs. .. More

Travel clinic full cost
What is the full cost of the travel clinic module for the pharmacy and possibly .. More

Add Yellow Fever Vaccination
Would we be able to add Yellow Fever vaccinations to the travel core? .. More

Do you provide marketing materials to advertise the travel clinic? .. More

TC marketing tips
Need ideas how to promote your pharmacist-led travel health service? .. More

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