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Our Oral PGD offering

PharmaDoctor+ offers a wide variety of PGDs to pharmacists in the UK so that they can provide the British public with a safe and convenient route to the medical services they often cannot obtain via the NHS.

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Which PGDs do you offer?

All 13 Oral PGDs for £169 + VAT!

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Which PGDs work best?

The most popular PharmaDoctor Oral PGDs are for anti-malarials, period delay, travellers' diarrhoea and erectile dysfunction with pharmacists frequently consulting patients regarding these conditions/treatments. It is not easy to then order the remaining oral PGDs according to success rates, as it depends on the pharmacy and the patient demographic but the average profit per consultation is £12.

Some pharmacists find that their existing patients welcome the option of consulting them for asthma inhalers while other pharmacies report that the call for orlistat from their patients has made it sensible for them to set up a weight loss clinic, using the PharmaDoctor PGD.
In other pharmacies the Smoking Cessation PGD has been the most useful, with patients who have perhaps exhausted use of nicotine patches ready to try Champix.

In short it is necessary to assess the needs of your regular patients and decide which PGD could best cater to their needs.


How much do they cost?

Our oral PGDs are available to purchase by paying an annual fee and this gives you unlimited use for 12 months from the date of payment. You can obtain the PGDs individually, for £39 + VAT each or you can buy all 13 of the PGDs in a bundle at a discounted price of £169 + VAT.

The PGDs are activated via an online self-declaration of competency and you will have access to our clinical helpline.

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To obtain our PGDs, please contact us on 0203 176 0022 and one of customer service team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, please register an account and purchase the PGDs that interest you.



How much will I make?

Over the past few years we have monitored our pharmacists’ use of PGDs and found that, in the case of the PharmaDoctor Oral PGDs, the two most popular are for anti-malarials and erectile dysfunction treatments, with the average profit per consultation coming in at around £12-15 and pharmacists completing a minimum of 15 consultations per year, per PGD, on those two. The more recently added PGDs for travellers' diarrhoea and period delay have been added due to increased demand and feedback has been positive.

Of the remaining oral PGDs available from PharmaDoctor the most popular ones appear to vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, depending on the customer base and their needs.

The average profit on a consultation for any of the remaining PGDs is still around £12, so even completing an average of 3 consultations per PGD would mean you can easily make a good profit.
The key then is to ensure that extra sales opportunities are not missed. A patient buying anti-malarials for example, is likely to benefit from a travellers' diarrhoea kit, altitude sickness tablets or need other items such as mosquito nets or spray, so it is important they are made aware of this too.


Why PharmaDoctor?

See below for some useful information on our services and tips to help make the most of the PGDs:

  • We fully comply with MHRA and HPA standards
  • We give online and telephone support in relation to any clinical or administrative matters
  • A consultation usually lasts around 15 minutes
  • The average profit per consultation is £12
  • You are free to charge whatever you like and many pharmacists have found that it is sensible to set a nominal consultation fee (often around £5) on top of the price of the medication

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