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What is included in the Travel Clinic package?


To create a pharmacy travel clinic, we have designed an all-inclusive package called the Travel Core which consists of a group of 16 PGDs and training. The PGDs are provided on an annual subscription basis with unlimited use.

We offer the Travel Core in 2 different packages (Silver and Gold). Both packages include the PGDs, full training and assessment. For further information please click below.


Our Travel Core packages compared


Travel Clinic Overview

PharmaDoctor offers GPhC registered pharmacists the opportunity to set up and run a travel clinic on their premises, with all consultations based on authorised Patient Group Directions. Pharmacists are free to set their own prices. An average consultation will generate around £90 in revenue of which about 60% is profit. This means a pharmacy only needs a handful of cases a week to justify the investment required.

Why should you sign up to the travel clinic package?

Pharmacies are well-placed to provide a travel vaccination service. Most pharmacies already have the premises and the staff, thus keeping upfront investment to a minimum. An easily accessible location and/or longer opening hours mean that pharmacies can often offer a more convenient service than other providers, a significant factor given that many travellers leave their vaccination planning to the last minute. Many doctor’s surgeries are also happy to refer patients to a local pharmacy-based travel clinic and this can often be all that is needed to ensure a steady flow of customers.

Since launching the service in 2011, around two hundred pharmacies have successfully implemented our solution and are now enjoying the fruits of running a full service travel clinic from their pharmacy premises. Feedback has been generally excellent, with pharmacists remarking on how professionally, as well as financially rewarding the travel clinic has proved to be.


Which PGDs are included?

The PGDs in each package are for both orally administered anti-malarials and travel vaccines. The full list of PGDs includes:

  • Dip/tet/polio
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B (for travel and occupational health)
  • Typhoid (intramuscular and oral preparations)
  • Combination Hepatitis A & Typhoid
  • Combination Hepatitis A & B
  • Rabies
  • Cholera (Oral)
  • MMR
  • Meningitis (all preparations)
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Tick-borne Encephalitis
  • Malarone and Malarone Paediatric
  • Doxycycline
  • Lariam
  • Adrenaline in case of anaphylaxis

What upgrades are available?

Pharmacies who purchase the Silver Travel Core package can upgrade their travel clinic service with the following:

Paediatric PGDs
Pharmacists can undertake further training and assessment so that they can vaccinate children.

This upgrade is only really advisable once pharmacists have been running their travel clinic for at least 3 months.

Yellow Fever
Pharmacists wishing to offer yellow fever vaccinations to their patients must apply to NaTHNaC to become a registered clinic. Once pharmacists have undertaken our online training and completed their assessment, our doctor will supply a letter supporting their NaTHNaC application. Note: further fees are payable to NaTHNaC.

Book a one-on-one visit from our consultants
Our team of consultants can be employed for a half day session of one-on-one training, patient supervision and advice.

Training is tailored to the individual requirements of the pharmacy, covering all operational aspects of running a travel clinic within a pharmacy. This can take place either at the pharmacy premises or, if preferred, at another pharmacy travel clinic where the pharmacist can “practise” with live patients.

How would your patients access the service?

Pharmacies authorised to offer our travel PGD service can market their clinic much like any other private travel vaccination service. When patients arrive at the pharmacy they are given a risk assessment form (RAF). Once completed, the trained and approved pharmacist can use it to complete the consultation checking for any contraindications and exclusions. The pharmacist then creates a bespoke regimen of vaccinations and antimalarial tailored to the patient's travel destination. Depending on how you would like to set up your travel service - either pre-booked times or as a walk in service - the consultation would always need to be face to face between the authorised pharmacist and the patient requiring vaccination.

Why should you sign up to the travel clinic package?

There truly is a gap in the market for good independent travel clinics. Currently there are a few private travel clinics, mostly based in large city centres or existing as part of a company such as Trailfinders. Although these travel clinics do offer a complete vaccination service, they are few and far between and their costs are prohibitively high. Although some doctors do offer some prescriptions for travel vaccinations, most do not offer the entire range of treatments and indeed most travel treatments are not available on the NHS. Often patients find that they can get one or two sets of treatments or vaccinations from their GP but have to hunt around for the remaining prescriptions. The reality is that for a lot of people there simply is nowhere that offers a complete travel clinic service.

Is a travel clinic right for your pharmacy?

At PharmaDoctor we are aware that every pharmacy is different and not all pharmacy locations and client demographic make them suited to setting up a travel clinic. However there are many different potential sources of clients for travel clinics from Hajj pilgrims to workers requiring occupational health vaccines. If you are unsure whether the service would suit your pharmacy, please get in touch with us.