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Clinical & Technical Support
Full clinical support with a dedicated clinical and technical lines

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Setup A Travel Clinic
How to set up a travel clinic
Travel Clinic - Quick Guide

Prescription Services ETool & Online Doctor

A proven online medical consultation solution, with different options to suit any type of pharmacy. Quick & easy to implement with robust decision-making & audit features. Suitable for experienced travel pharmacists & those wishing to provide the service for the first time.

ETool Prescription Service

Online Doctor
If you are a pharmacy owner or manager, please contact us for more details on our Online Doctor service.

Online Doctor

Patient Group Directions PGDs

PGD packages
Whether you wish to supply your patients travel vaccines, flu vaccines or supply POMs using our Patient Group Directions, our training and marketing support will help you realise your goals.
Click below for more infomration on the PGDs.

Travel Clinic Flu Other PGDs

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